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Cam'Ron ft. Mase

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Fuck You

[Mase:] B, I'm feeling it from the heart now, B. Yo straight up, yo, this Murder, Harlem World is the clique I'm with my nigga Killer, and we bout to lay it down 4 y'all niggaz All yall faggot ass niggaz out there that wouldn't give us $300 dollars for the tap...

Horse and Carriage

[Cam'ron] Aiyyo, you might see Cam in designer underwear new reclining leather chair, reminders everywhere how we pull up in whips, the minors stop and stare and when it comes to girls, they behind us everywhere I mean, when I hang up on 'em, they pressin' red...

We Got It

Uh, check it, check it Aiyo, it's very rare that you see me an Lanson In a club, with bub, partyin, we dancin If so, it's Chris, Bacardi, an some Branson All leathered out in a Harley or a Vanson Now I ain't dissin chicks But I ain't trickin shit That's Un yo,...