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Cam'Ron ft. Lil' Wayne piosenki

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Suck It Or Not

[Cam'Ron] [Chorus] Ma, I been hugging the block That's right! hustlin rocks I know, I been pufffin alot But a nigga wanna know Babygirl, are you gonna suck it or not? Huh? My dick hard as a mothafucka You don't what?! tell that shit to another sucka I...

Touch It Or Not

Killa, dipset, lil weezy, cash money, yo ma, let me holla, lets do this uh, [Hook] Ma, I been huggin the block (huggin the block) That's right, hustling rocks (hustling rocks) I know I been puffin a lot, But your dude wanna no, you gone touch it or not. My d...