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Call of Charon

Utwory wykonawcy:

Days in Desperation

"Guns don't kill people, people kill people" Dejected and so despised, they took me straight to my own edge. This will be my final stand, they cannot break down my will! (Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth - blood sticks on your hands as well) Tell me....

Misery (The Plaguebearer)

I have been called by many names (I have been called by many names) Walked through fire and through flames (I walked through fire and through flames) I‘m the beginning and the end (And the end) The time has come to repent (To repent) Iʼm the cure of a...

My Confession

Right from the heart, straight out of mind and written in blood - comes my confession. Take this last gift, this last good-bye. Now send your prayers - this is the end! This is your end! 

Salvation Bullet

My life ain’t worth to live it my life ain’t worth to go on I’ve made too much mistakes wich I can’t redress I know about my faults but that won’t heal wounds This is my bitter ending and I deserve to die Bring this life to an end, pull the trigger...

The Essence of Memories

Branding my heart, you mark my sin, fears reign is over - rage will begin! I ceased to fear your breath It won't scare me anymore You have desecrated For what i was livin' for My heart is hardened, my spirit stern, your face is melting - 'cuz my e...