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Better Part Of Me

Is it dark before our dawn? How do we rewrite our song? You left me hanging out along the fringe What do you expect from me? Who I am and what I'll be What I want is already right here How can we unchain? Can you remain A better part of me Feeling l...

Devil's Eyes

The waves are comin' clean, crash your breach. And roll the tide that dreams, the tide that dreams tomorrow. Carry on and cover me, the storm will come. And it brings relief, make it bleed, haunt my star of sorrow. Hang on, pull me back and align me, sink...

Let Me In

Paralyze me Just like you did before I'm realizing emotions are so pure And it was never part of my intention Now I learn to fly Into these artificial skies I don't know what it takes to bend Even though all good things must end Break in and steal my...

Skeleton Key

In another life, another place There was a shadow without face I could see the survivors were few Memories to which I cling Things I do and songs I sing They all bring me back to you I wasn't born to be the skeleton you see Born from the purity of scar...