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Calculating Genocide piosenki

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Banished from Divinity

Banished from divinity We've returned to take this World ... There is no way to save your souls, An assault of unparalleled catastrophe, Mutilated corpses litter the streets, Defenseless humans may only watch as harbingers of demise feast upon th...

Calculating Genocide

Calculating Genocide Our abstention of political corruption has plagued this world with its annexation To believe in the gathering is animus confrontation To live is to die or to live in arcane abyss The legions gather below the citadel of destructio...

Symbolic Retribution

Symbolic Retribution Abandon all hope Ye who enter here, As you have sinned so shall you be punished in hell As you have sinned so shall you be punished Symbolic Retribution, Kneel at the throne of Minos, After judgment you shall see, Your place amo...

Wading Through Carnage

Wading Through Carnage A putrid stench fills the air Shrills of the damned can be heard from miles away Surrounded by corpses Engulfed in the bloodshed Overwhelming terror pulses through me Millions labeled inferior sent to die Herded and cremat...