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I hold faith You, you drift in space Alone Crossing the big black sky And a girl could go to rot Married to an astronaut But I'm gonna watch and wait For you to return some day As you breathe silently on the opposite side Of the bed I circle stars...


I use my desk Penmanship I hold my hand steady And make sure that it doesn't slip 'Cause I am here To document To get it right And to bear witness I drive alone these days Everybody has gone away I keep the place warm Until they return And you think of the...


Christmas lights hung up outside Middle of the day Middle of July Don't ask me why 'Cause holidays are best that way In time you please Hang up lights on ceiling fans And hang them up on trees And watch them flicker Watch them flash Get used to the fact That...

Horse & Carriage

Everybody's got big plans For you And everybody's tellin' you What to do It's makin' me nervous It's makin' me nervous too How 'bout you rely on me And I'll rely on you And then we can wait until the Coast is clear And then we'll make our Great escape I've g...


I'm knocked up And I'm alone Experiments happen When you're not at home And you should see in me Dressed up in my nighty If you could see me, You'd say I don't look alright This is repulsion (oooh) This is repulsion (oooh) This is repulsion (oooh) This is re...

Sealab 2021 Theme

If you're looking for me You better check under the sea Cause that is where you'll find me Underneath the Sealab, Underneath the water Sealab, At the bottom of the sea 


We've been locked out again I'll be the indian and you be the cowboy We'll terrorize the girls Walking home from school In their uniforms I wore a yellow skirt Covered with stains and dirt Just a hand-me-down We wrestle on the grass Your legs upon my back Pu...