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Caedes Castus piosenki

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Descendance into Navia

Would it be my last November? The darkness ends, still the candles glow I drink the misty morning air, freezing air The day is so close - my eternal foe And thus I go away - the sunrise steals my shades The forest sleeps while horned souls awake F...

Falling from the Eternal Sky

In the summer night I was falling from the deepest skies Into the soil, into the thirsty grass And every star was touching my pain, And every tree was whispering my name - Unaware, unaware! United with the crystal wind I turned into the four-arm...

Heathen Dreamlands (The World That I Belong)

I had a dream: I rode the horse throughout the heavens While Stribog's winds Embraced my pagan heart The Spring was green The air so fresh And dancing ravens Foretold my fate My journey to the stars In that other world of serenity In that...

The Silent Kingdom of the Grey Skies

Look at the clouds above How grim and how sad they are... Like a silent fortress swimming through skies October evening falls Over tired ancient land I carve the wooden statue For my God Another life Another blood 

Wooden Heritage

Forest demons, Bestow your might upon my hands! The howling wind upon the moonlit chasms Is my companion, The sentinel of whispering dark Almighty Chors, Father of my dying kind, Don't let them see Thy silver face in my eyes! Don't let the...