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Adios, adios, audioslave

found a home for myself in the ground talk too much think too heavy finally rest easy fuck up more than just words pull apart good intentions i thought i knew how to fix this but i'm usually wrong 

Bed Sheets

you spun away from me with your tired ways. morose frosted silly rings and things. you took me down and out. and you celebrated your indictment juxtaposed with swinging ropes, like i sang a single moment in my life without you in it drug ridden. you wrote it d...

But yr not robert smith and i'm rly exhausted

i just want to let u know yr rly fuckin cool i just wanna hear u say "i think yr rly fucking cool. lets go to the library or somethin" 

Chariot tattoo

the last thing i sent to you was a message "never fucking talk to me again" maybe i'm a bit too stubborn i could be less selfish but i don't like that you talk about me like that we both said it wouldn't end this way well it did "i promise not to let yo...

Excessive Denim (my priorities are so fucked and i couldn't care less)

i'll keep staring at you until my shoe laces wrap around my ankles. and i'll cry like a baby for you like i've always been used to. do you remember those guys? down the street we settled our debate then you betrayed me. then we got fucked up with good intentio...

Hit Me Like Cannons (how shitty are you?)

the way that you sigh how you'll only remember every time i cried the old paradigm of the flowers that you killed split me into shards i cannot believe you hate my guts like dried leaves underneath your feet i'm underneath your feet 

I had a dream. it was probably a nightmare

we chased thru the trees outside of your house fell to pieces on the ground next to your dog who wouldn't stop kissing me like i wish you didn't stop kissing me 

It's weird living in a brand new house

tore apart the rights, threw em in a campfire picture-framed the wrongs, mounted em on a wall under a decade-old bedroom set from a garage sale i felt hot, so i took my clothes off now i'm not, i'm fuckin freezing took myself and put me on the backburner 

Joint pain

you stopped being sad when i really left couldn't fix you, shoulda known that prime time meaningless conversations mapped out by your interruptions i was not allowed a single feeling thru this 

Marcel & jaspers

i know that ink in purple resembling bruises don't alarm you much when they're on my hands. we would pretend to read shit like whitaker's full of sighs-accompanied with falling asleep hands and feet. i cut my hair off because i thought it would make you feel b...

Maybe baby

i fucking drove four hours to try to patch things up but its not like efforts were matched you were hung up on cheap alcohol and over the counter drugs we fucked around, went down to the city you were laughing under your breath at one of your nihilistic t...


swinging fists: double-blind fights. didn't think i had waited for this my whole life. two inches of ice: i was the bystander trying to stop time. i claim it bad: rosie retrospection. how bad really was it? i tried to sugarcoat it. 

More billet-doux chocolates (lo-fi demo)

that year i learned how to let words circle in my being and let them out through my fingertips. i learned quickly the colors of bruises as they healed. he cut his bangs with rusted scissors and chased his drinks with cocaine sugar and only spoke to me for a ki...


i can't stop daydreaming about how you ask me to sit by you and read you to sleep but its not like i can now. i don't want to think about how i can't right now. i can't write now. 

Sugar cookie latte

i woke up to rain but i wish it were you twister in my head call a bluff on the surreal you call my name and pull me through time right back again pale green sheets pale like you raindrops are crystals on windows and presence is felt on the mind i d...

The Spooky 90s

i can't be held accountable for the things i've done to you. it was pieces of selfishness, but you weren't selfless. you snapped like the pencil you grind in your teeth when you write about me. so dance around your house parade while no one's there, yell on to...

Windows '98

holy shit!!!!!!! i never thought this would happen spider web knuckles, my hands aren't clenched as fists i never thought i'd be so happy to be empty holding pens, i am blushing for the thought of wiping tears away from under your eyes on top of dark circ...