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Close My Eyes ft. Lemon & Einar K

You want to see me go but I can see into your heart I can see it from the past You want to know by now I don't need a reason I just want to close my eyes. 

Dreams Will Never End (Bushi feat. Hanna Finsen)

I walked down the street and it felt ok. I laughed all the way, didn`t care that it was a rainy day. Couse it`s true, what they say, even though the sky is grey, it is blue overneath, and the sun is shining too. All that I can feel, is close to what I dre...


The night comes, I close my eyes. And in my dreams I always see your face. Memories, pictures in my head. I feel I'm losing now, Can't get you off my mind! Falling into you, falling into you. Longing for your love. Falling into you, falling into you...

Just Begun feat. Hanna Finsen

Here I am again, drown under the rain Like an echo of the pain I try to look ahead Make the easy go instead Don't feel crazy in my head I think I'm going to make it, I work so hard I know it won't be easy, but that's the start Made it through the days...