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Byzanthian Neckbeard piosenki

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Retching forth a new skin Discarding the old To assume a new identity It will destroy your world Haunting your every move With nowhere to turn Stealing your existence Drowning you in terror Apparition, Hallucination, Illusion Doppelganger...

Hive Mind Overlord

We descended from the heavens To change your course of evolution We remained faceless for 50 years To begin your slavery to the Hive Our form Demonic to your eyes We are Gods to mankind Hive Mind, Overlord! In your young Powers erupt A...

Indoctrinate The Priestess

Begin the Ceremonial Procession Anoint her with the finest oils and wine Bring forth the vestments, begin the feast The initiation has begun Gore, Gore, Gore, Gore For the glory of Gorea Gore, Gore, Gore, Gore For the Greater Good Gore, Gore,...

Plant of Doom

It grows where no light should be found The darkest recess of the world Contaminant of unrivaled horror Corruption like you’ve never seen It’s petals are pure obsidian evil It’s sap the devils own milk Touch is surface and invite destruction Inh...

The Cyberdwarf

Riddled with amnesia In this devastated wasteland I seek the terrible thruth I seek the Cyberdwarf 

The Ganch

Flotsam Vulgaris The dread were-foam Transgression of Nature Obscure tentacles An affront to God Flotsam Vulgaris Coalescing of the foam It’s hypnotic seduction A devious, foaming horror Awash with devilry Flotsam Terriblis Guard and...