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After Midnight

Summer, low-down under city lights and the dress is way low-key the hearts in the queue all beat in time for as far as the eye can see and even if it seems that they're drifting away he is gripping her hand so tight he takes a deep breath and he tries to say...


Every single who is a face you knew everytime but two oh baby There's another red behind the eyes of everyone it's a some time You know, you know I told you many times before I don't need this at all, at all Walking on the right through the door It's jus...


Wicked love stick your glove, yeah they do as you say. When you stick it white lies to the walls when you're running away Beacuse the rockets of their tickets and they're leaving on the midnight train And they sat because the lovers are leaving in the first...

Ideal world

Rock on, gather around For the people let you say Eyes fall looking down Don't watch the watcher Eyes fall thickle light To the place where we could be Time for talking right Don't switch to mono It's an ideal world for you It's an ideal world for y...