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My Journey's End

Cold, bitter, blood Flows through my veins Exhaustion Consumes me My hatred Relieves me of fear Depression Drains me of life My Journey has Reached its end No longer Shall I walk this earth The taste Of cold steel Warmth flows From my blood 


It's been centuries since I have seen my own shadow. There is no light to cast it, And no darkness to grasp it. All time has passed, And from nothingness comes nothingness. The sky is bleak. 

Revelations Through Death

Lady Death shows her relieving face In this cruel world In her cold embrace I'm carried away Through the fog of distant forests Past the light of distant stars The life that I oned live Is now meaningless The journey that I once travelled Is here at an end...

The War Is Over (Weh cover)

The war is over now, Now you can rest. Rest in your peaceful grave, And I can move along again. Now all the pain is gone, Gone far from here. Here there’s just endless sleep, And you can now dream on again. The leaves are falling now, Now you can fly. Fly wh...

Tying the Knot

In my darkest dreams In my blackest shadows Some strange voice says to me "What's the point in living?" The chair beneath my feet and the rope around my neck Seem to be The only way In the spur of the moment I kick out the chair And all is black