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Brandon Jones

Utwory wykonawcy:

Down and Out

Just another low monday morning Trying to get up but I can't keep going Right now I feel like a mess You see, I got this paper that's due tomorrow Not to mention the ............... follow Sometimes I feel like a will I feel so down and out, down and ou...


Yeah, ohh I let time take the rest of me I let time get the best of me I'm wide awake and dreaming I found myself writing her a love song Hoping the words don't come out wrong I pray to God I can't be only dreaming And now I can't get her off my min...

Stain of you

Come back down, 'cause you belong here I'm calling out for ............ to hear If you're still there, where only worlds apart Something keeps pulling me back to These days I've known have faded so I can't seem to shake this And I'm screaming for a chan...