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Apocalypse (Troops of the Fallen)

Runnin' and hiding from the wrath of the gods Mother Earth killing her breed Shivers crawling through your body and mind When four horsemen set off for their ride Troops of the fallen The Beast and the Maiden Screaming! Burning! Armies of heaven The...

Lust For Blood

Darkness will fall on the city The nightwing will cover the moon Showing no mercy, no pitty From hatred and pain he was born The priest of hell sends his heir The green mist crawls among the shadows Flying children of the night The undead feeds upon...

Reign Of The Damned

Now it's the time to face our final judgement The lords of the underworld are back from the dead Reign of the damned Follow the damned Bow down to the damned They have come to take over your mind The damned are marching forward to termination The...