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Bobby Dupea piosenki

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I'll Be Your Lover, Too

I'll be your man I'll understand I'll doe my best To take good care of you You'll be my queen I'll be your king And i'll be your lover, too Yes I will Derry down green Color of my dream A dream that's daily comping true And ohhh, when the day is...

Let me sign

Ohh, Ohh She's standing by, a broken tree. Has arms twisted, she's pointing at me. I was dammed by the life, coming over. As she spoke with a voice that, Disrupted the sky She said, hold on lover, (yeah) Don't be ashamed. I will wrap you in my arms,...

Never Think

Just never think What's in your heart, What's in our home So I won't You'll learn to hate me But still call me baby Oh love So call me bu my name. And save your soul Save your soul Before you to far gone Before nothing can be done. I'll try to d...