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Beneath The Surface piosenki

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Taken back before the situation I have laid out in front of me. I never thought that it would come to this. The color of my dreams helps me to see. You wanna feel like you used to feel. I wanna be who I used to be, but I can't connect with reality anymore...


My words will never convey thought you need to hear me say. I was so much better off without you. I know what you did. Look at me. Let me see your face. What was I trying to say? I can't even remember. Who are you anyways? I can barely remember....

Raised By Wolves

As if everything would just please go away. I didn't make you leave, I didn't make you stay. I probably should have said something to you then. I just didn't want things to get out of hand. Part of me doesn't want you to understand. I hated having...

The Lake

I thought about what you said the whole fucking day. Its like washing blood down the sink, It never really goes away. Sometimes life spits in your face, Without ever leaving a trace. Look alive, I know you've tried hard to have a spine. But you w...