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Beneath the Rising Tide piosenki

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Arise the Brethren

Your world is in exile. Ascension, unattainable for the unblessed, the fallen one’s desire for revenge collapsing in its formulation, bringing into existence; the command for submission. The process of destruction ignites. Arise, an army of the dead (and) s...

Hollow Majesty

Bearing burned crosses in their palms, the immortal signature of the antichrist. This lord suspended by the rusted infusion of nails, the sacrificial entities of damnation; a crown of thorns emplaced upon their skulls depicts his monarchy. Entombed in stone,...

Of Divinity and Damnation

Descending from his angelic-throne, the lord of light obliges his tyrannous nemesis. An intensifying war of domination, staged upon the desolate remains of earth. The incandescent being invoking the will of the fallen; incantations recited and repeated, exhu...

Scriptures of Mortality

Turning his back on the world the overlord bestows his glorified children, abandoning the unguided (and) dismissing the scriptures of mortality. Transparency of responsibility, a false covenant of salvation. 

The Blacklands

an external dimensional plane. the lords fallen brethren exiled to remain for immortal eternity 

Thy Kingdom, Thy Conqueror

Upon my entry to the womb of heaven I was cast back to a smouldering earth under siege, arise the nihilist The catacombs of the underworld seep through to the surface of a tarnished land. As watched from above in a palace of hollow hearts, this crown of thor...

Unhallowed Abortion

How can your lord permit such theodicy? Pursuing to vindicate himself in the shielded eyes of the blind, as voices echo through this chamber a chorus of screams coerces ears to bleed The vile mother commits this child to forsaken damnation, torn from the wom...