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Beneath the Remains piosenki

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A Fitting Home

A Fitting Home, Pale Gray Black, Sustains Contenment Through Fitting Eyes, I'm Missing Something But You Have Always Forgiven My Self So Why Should You?Just To Make It Through. Reside By My Side I'll See For You, Fortell All The Myths This Is Life, Ever...

Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover)

Reflex in the sky Warn you you're gonna die Storm coming, you better hide From the atomic tide Flashes in the sky Turns houses into sty Turns people into clay Radiation minds decay Robot minds of robot slaves Lead them to atomic graves Plastic flowers,...

Misery Suffered, Misery to Come

Can You Tell Me Why ?The Soul Dissipates.A Shining Light Awaiting My Grace.Murder, To Find The Truth.Two Faced Push And Pull.Accused, Its Too Late.Never, Seen The Story Close.A Shortened Life Taken For Fucking Greed, Can't You See.A Fallen Legend Gone Foreve...

Screaming Demons Fall

Look Up Straight To The Sky, and See Just Past My Eyes Horror Seems To Run The Show A Rancid Stream, That Always Flows Lifeless, Indistinct, All I Have Is My Drink Take Me Somewhere Else, A Hell All To My Self The Closest Thing To Something Is Nothing(I...