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Bloody Nose

Oh oh oh oh Oh oh oh oh I could never get comfortable That's why my home always felt like a hotel It's chemical Whats inside my skull and whats really here The only thing I'm good at is letting go That's why I couldn't love you and I couldn't let you...


Tattooed and pinned up My chest is made of toothpicks it splinters when I cough You got me messed up I gave you just a part of me turns out you took it all Now I'm stuck between a coyote and a cement wall You got me fucked up I guess you never really kne...


Jasper told me you're a cutter So there's not much for you to explain When you put a gun in my mouth and pull the trigger Blow my skull wide open like broken windowpanes And you gouge my eyes out like I wasn't already dead Are you okay now At least in y...

Jasper Wildlife Assoc.

Pissed off and hungry I stood pacing on my bedroom floor Imagining coyotes clawing at your bedroom door I hear them howl it reverberates through city streets Jasper's wildlife never really let me sleep Oh no, oh no I guess I never really knew how cold th...