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A Murder for the Art

The beauty of death reveal it's self to the artist called murderer Perfection in the last glance, the ultimate blow To bring the art to life one must take a life for the art No Masterpiece has such meaning as a lethal one Frm the first brow of blood,...

Abyss of Flame of My Soul

I am a dead guard at the deathgate I am a burning dog An abyss of flame of my soul Arising the unholy anger The night strikes its blackness Flame is dazzling its hate The cold of the black hearyt is piercing Lackluster glance is dazing from darkness 


I accept what is given And bend to the rule that is written in our blood I acknowledge his power And agree to be one with his will, The impulse of life it's self. Ageless voice, the aprech of the master, Take me Fallen Angel and lift me higher I have seen th...

Altar of Obscurantism

Madness of internal fire Weak gleam of cold still Death rising hand of ancient vow Oath-breaking... treachery... madness Obscurantism of death anticipation Desire (aspiration)... admiration... Pale moon in the dark sky becoming bloodshot Rejoicing... 

Ashes of Yrushalaim

Canaan shall be the land of the dead and as in the past the rivers shall turn into blood Rotting corpses will replace the milk and honey Cursed with plague purified by unholy fire. 

At the Black Gates

We have arrived in this land of pain Smoke and fire, darkness everywhere Dark lord is waiting to unleash the beasts of death No way to escape from the evil eye Cold shining blades of steel arise from the hell Bloody dogs of war hungry for your flesh They don'...

Change Woman for Hell

Run away from here Your bloody tears are killing me baby Don't smile at me My heart of stone will make you suffer In the night, stifling air, I'm standing still That gloomy dark light It guides me It tears me to pieces Light, sharp blades, a beam of death's b...


Pourceaux dominés et faibles, craintifs de ta grandeur Qu'ils subissent la noire colère de l'ange exterminateur Viendra le jour où la terre fumera couverte de corps sans ombre Un jour de ténèbres qui seront éternelles 

De Sade

Je m'apprête à franchir le seuil sacré sans crainte je vois enfreindre la loi élémentaire Je dois être l'exception, Je dois connaître tes secrets Pour la gloire de mon père Rompre le pacte entre l'homme et Dieu J'ai fais de toi une bête Je t'ai humi...

Dead Man's Crusade

Crusaders, crusaders…They fight for their right. To fight and for freedom. In the land of darkness they ride their horses fast It’s the dead man’s crusade And now they shall burn! Slaughter in the battlefield, dead bodies lying everywhere. The crusaders figh...

Destroyer (The Broken Alliance)

Unis mes frères, Goûtons avidement aux plaisirs terrestres Festoyons et chantons pour célébrer sa victoire Car avant l'aube prochaine nous serons tous mort. 

Empire de cendre

Pourriture, paumé toi entouré de ceux qui attendent ta chute Je serai de ceux qui se repaitront de ton cadavre Un simple regard fissure les remparts de ton empire de cendre Rien n'est éternel et toi aussi tu tombera Je t'attends Que la peste dévore ton...

Give War a Chance

Heloim's dead A new dawn will rise We prevail, we are progress, You are nothing but rats Join this new crusade, none of them shall live on 

H'oref Shah'or

La brume portait en elle une mort secrète Une volonté sacrée, la saison du décès La peste noire, porteuse de malheur Le suicide, la folie et les pleurs 

Kingdom (Burn Away from Me)

Burn, Burn away from me, let me feed of the ashes of your world Let me breathe, inhale your bitter souls, Une senteur agréable au seigneur I demand this holocaust, offer me the sacrifice of your race This is my Kingdom, always on fire to burn it all 

Le baiser du fouet

La vengeance m'appartient Je t'apporte la malédiction, la souffrance et la mort L'enfer dont tu m'as fait présent m'a suivi jusqu'a ta porte Tu vas connaître la terreur la perte de toute espoir Je ferai de ton agonie un monument à sa gloire Embrasse...


Mesmerized by your betrayal creation, enslaving my mind A thousand eyes, reflecting endless lust Immortal goddess of the dark Madonna hateful mothergod, castrating to achieve its design Emasculate to leave no trace of the male purify the race Nomis b...

Nazgül Warlord

King of Angmar, Spear of terror in the hand of Sauron 

Oh, Satan Kill Me

Oh, Satan kill me Change me into hungry demon Destroy the all human in me Breathe into me Your Darkness Oh, Satan Allow contemplate your face Give me perceive the death Give me perceive the Hell Blood... Oh, Satan My mind becoming empty I am clad in clothes of...

On the Throne of Demolition

Hated winds of the North Black riders of Holocaust are bringing the death on your blackwings I am appealing to you Who rules me Oh, the Great Master Satan On the throne of demolition I drink the fire of your essence I am appealing to your black winds I am appe...