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Hyssop of Love (feat. Mick Jenkins)

Wolves in disguise How you supposed to see 'em with the wool in your eyes? Sheep to the radio, we fooled and surprised They ain’t never loved me, it's bullshit and lies Won't you recognize All the real gold gets stole by design That shit in your mind Of...

I Don't Know (feat. Samuel T. Herring)

My friend lost a sister today A week ago her father passed away Now she's gotta help raise her sister's daughter Be a mother and a father for her If I lost my brother I don't think I could go on If I lost my mother another I don't know I don't know I...

In Your Eyes (feat. Charlotte Day Wilson)

Don't blow me off so I can't help it When you shy off I can't help it And I know you know it's wrong but I'm ready So just rid yourself of him and come get it Got you enticed from the middle You know I'm willing and able And I know you know it's on when...

Time Moves Slow (feat. Samuel T. Herring)

I found you at the window again Looking out, watching the leaves falling in And it was something like a dream Wow, so perfect, couldn't talk to me Time moves slow When you're all alone And the time moves slow When you're out on your own And the time m...