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Bad Seed Rising

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Bad Seed Rising

Yeah listen here! I’m your little heartbreaker, your little earth shaker Don’t shake your finger at me No, no! I ain’t misbehaving, I don’t need your saving A little space is something I need I’m not that little darling, I don’t beg your pardon I’m tro...

Fighting gravity

Up here we're fine Take me around the moonlight I can't deny You took me by surprise Changing frequencies I can hear you calling out to me Fighting gravity So I can feel you and you can feel me I'm taking you in I'm losing my breath 'Cause everyth...

I Can Feel You

For a Moment I Could Feel You I Could Hear You Creeping In Am I Broken? Am I Worthless? Should I Try To Fight Again? Hey Am I Awake Or Am I Dreaming? You Look Familiar But I Can't Be Sure The Colors Changing All Around Me I Don't Know What To Think...

Wolves At The Door

Wild eyed, he is dressed to the nines The moon is hanging above him like a halo on fire Black hands, he’s out there looking for lambs You better lock up the mansion and baby throw away the key ‘Cause wolves are at the door Don’t let them in cause you kno...