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Burt Bacharach And Family

The Seaside Burt Bacharach And Family If there was anywhere else I could be I'd be with Burt Bacharach's family They could cut me a key What a life for me What a life for me The Bacharach plane in the sky People say it's not, they sigh The rest of us...

He's A Dreamer

He's A Dreamer Eins, zwei, drei, vier!! He sits and he dreams of fame All he produces is rather tame He wants to influence the world But he's never gonna make his name 'cause He's a dreamer, he knows what he wants He's a dreamer but it's never gonna w...

The Hangover

The Seaside The Hangover I had a lot to drink last night I almost got into a fight And something doesn't feel right about it I woke up this morning feeling rough I knew my day was gonna be tough And I have had enough, or have I? I wish I could be sobe...