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Late at night

When all the world is safe within their dreams

I want the shadowwwww

Late at night

An empty feeling creeps within my soul

I feel so lonely

So I go, into the darkness of the night, all alone

I want this peace until I find, someone who is just like me

Looking for some companyyyyyy

Oh yeahhhh


What's good in the hood, can you tell me

Hit me with the truth motherfuckers don't sell me

Cause I can see a lot of things wrong with the city

And nobody's tryin to fix nothin, all of our choices are shitty

People starvin in the ghetto and the rich get richer

So we hustlin for the paper - you get the picture?

My homey he caught ten tryin to feed his seed

And nothin supersedes a man's will to succeed

So we bleed and shed tears, lookin for somethin better

But nothin is guaranteed, in this life we livin

Ain't nothin given, gotta earn your money and stripes

I can't sleep at night, what I'm doin ain't right

Can't never let my guard down for nothin in life

Your enemies see a weakness and you look ripe

And they don't care about who or what you're leavin behind

You slip one time you a victim of crime

[Chorus: Bo Roc]

Up against the trials of life, sometimes it ain't right

Through all of my pain and strife, I focused upon the light

Though I may lose my way, I'm up for the fight

In hopes of a brighter day for children of the night


You know I hit the ground runnin from the day I was born

There ain't nothin I haven't seen, I was born to storm

And if I ever have to heat it up you might get warm

So I urge you to sit it out, and just let me move on

Out of pride you won't blink, think that I'm a threat

Yeah you might be right, and if you are comes death

By the laws of the street you know what's comin up next

You duckin from the glocks and the six and tecs

When did it all fall? We all used to cash collect

Instead of catchin a body homey cash a check

Any moment it could be over, your number's up

You become, a memory nobody's givin a fuck

It's no wonder how we cross roads and get divided

There's no, compromises and drama arises

The streets got you clutched in the cradle of doom

You get out of pocket they make you invisible dude



The streets are ugly and the world is goin through changes

We fightin at home and out here in unknown places

We never know what peace is

We all about war for the money and the violence increases

I never thought about it when I was younger

I never thought about we all just numbers

I only thought about the food on the table

I was taught to make moves when you're ready and able

Sometimes you feel alone and you just simply go for self

And you don't care about anybody else

You say "Look at that trick in the flashy whip!

If I get my chance, you know I'm gonna jack his shit"

The world's cold, people sell their soul

for money and power then they seem to lose control

They can't, handle the load at the end of the road

They're destined to fall and we just watch the drama unfold


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