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Verse 1

May we talk about this day after day

he will only make your life a dismay

theres a stranger and hes right at your door

dont you let him in 'cause he is the one

who will kill

Only to destroy, what you have inside

he is not a man, but more a beast


Like the sun, he will rise, as you fall

he, is the one, who will conquor them all

like the wind, he will rise, to the skies, with the stars

Nothing in this world will ever crush his soul


I can see the fire burning, deep within his eyes

in the blackest nights he cries in his nightmares

Even in the darkest corners of this rotting world of ours

Nothing can compare to the darkness that he lives in, tonight.

verse 2

Looking back upon a time long ago

I often ask where did that spirit go

and though the land lies in this restless peace

one day great horns will sound and awaken the slumbering beast

and we all shall fight, to overcome his might, we shall prevail, destroy him, and


We, wont lie down, while the faith, cant be found

The fate, of our land, can be crushed by one man

and forever we will dream, to restore what has been

just beyond the blackened sky, a new dawn will rise.

Chorus 2

I can see a time when we will rise up again

with great heroes who will stand up to guide us

I believe in freedom for one and for all

To get through these blackened times

we all need the will, to fight!


Chorus 3

I can the fire burning deep within his eyes

in the blackest nights he cries in his nightmares

even in the darkest corners of this rotting world of our

we see the good in every man, but nothing could prepare

for the darkness that he lived in

Chorus 4

I can see a time when we will rise up again

with great heroes who will stand up to guide us

I believe in freedom for one and for all

we have won our victory, and earned the right to be free

Forever more..... 

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