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Ascension of the Watchers piosenki

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Dreams are like razors I hold in my hand Memories bleeding I don't understand Blood stained prayers are left unanswered Fading echoes that no one has heard Every word I have ever written Falls like rain from the dark heavens I lost all control of my hea...

Becoming Mars

The anger swells like rising tides Like two lost souls that soon collide Tonight I witness all the angels throw All of their stones down on me The constant thorn that's in my flesh Was solely placed and laid to rest All that I am is all that you made S...

Canon for My Beloved

You were the first to believe You were the one, you helped me see You raised me up and out from my grief You took my hand and set my soul free I broke your heart, released your tears Now I can feel you floating away From me Your loneliness, a beckon ca...


Are my dreams a sign? Are my dreams just you in disguise? Will this heart find? Will this heart be denied? Endlessly I still search, Endlessly, forever onward? Are my prayers heard? Are my prayers meaningless words? My God! Hear my prayer!! This youn...

Like Falling Snow

Je vois les yeux de Dieu (I see the eyes of God) Dans la neige qui tombe (In the falling snow) Comme la neige qui tombe (Like falling snow) Les yeux de Dieu m' entourent (The eyes of God surround me) Comme la neige qui tombe (Like falling snow) 


I gaze on the moon as she shines on me, So bright in my eyes, a heart so clear and blinding, Shining on my face, Paled by my disgrace. Like a star, from heaven you burned and fell, Mesmerized, I glowed underneath your spell, Her shadows, they seem to w...

On The River

Ever flowing, Never slowing, To my true heart you spoke. Flooding my senses, Plaintive repentance, Your voice is calling, Deep and enlightening, Feels like I'm walking on water, Down on the river. One day, I may find you there. 


(A slow moving train through my soul...) 

Residual Presence

There is nothing left of me, There is nothing that you see, All I am is memory, And that is all you will be. Nothing ever lasts forever. Everything that I have won, All the hearts I have shunned, Like a ghost I leave you stunned, Alone in bed, wretche...

Sounds of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend I've come to talk with you again Because a vision softly creeping Left its seeds while I was sleeping And the vision that was planted in my brain Still remains Within the sound of silence In restless dreams I walked alone Narrow...

Violent Morning

Violet Morning full of grace A new dawning on my face A flower blooming every day You pierced my soul and touched my faith You are the light for my love You are the love for my God Violet Morning I feel you shine Enlightening my space and time In your...