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As Serenity Fades piosenki

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Gaze at those serene fields, thus beauty is their gift. These meadows of great loveliness. No grief lives here. But beware, no path leads out from the master's garden... Earthborn, from the blood of his son He shall now reborn... The lock lays in the g...


Abi male spiritus, ad astra infinitum... On the shore of a little tarn Orphic waterfalls rushing faintly Placid sanctums before the watcher's eyes The gate of north, smell of end is here In the sand of gods he now rests The garden of black elegy, forev...


Ooo...how the rain wakes...me from my dream Mourning after the auburn suns...tear me apart Drifting tears touched the earth wherein they all sleep in pacific lethargy Leafygreen coffins as their beds and forever they shall now rest fallen into the final...