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As One What Should I Do (ft. Eluphant ) tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki

na eotteokhajyo na eotteokhajyo

jogeumssik nae mami

neoegero gago isseo

eotteokhajyo ijen

neo anin sarameun nae nunen an boyeo

siganeul bwa It goes like this

gieoknani aju meon narui kiseu

neon cheoeum bon nal geudaeroin deushae

sesang ipmat ttara nan dallajyeo issneunde

geugeon nal jikyeoogi wihae

taekhaessdeon bangbeop

ijen geu himeuro neol hangadeuk aneo

i jigeushage hemaeineun gil malgo

jinjja sup neorang gati geotgo sipdago

ginjanghal ttae naoneun iksukhan ni pyojeong

algo bomyeon yeorin niga

nahanten jisgujeo

honja gyeondineun geon geuman haja dul da

ije yeope ta yeppeun bal apeujanha

nae tteut moreul gwanggiga

anjeonggame dahgil barae

neo yeoksi nae yeopeseo

sunsuhameul chajgil barae

Everyday I think about you

iri wa han beon deo ip majchwo

na eotteokhajyo na eotteokhajyo

jogeumssik nae mami

neoegero gago isseo

eotteokhajyo ijen

neo anin sarameun nae nunen an boyeo

eokkaedongmu bareumman hae bwado

ippeo neon seonmul

georeumeul majchwo majdaheun eokkae

dangsineun naui jip

I wanna go back

chumeul chugo sipeul ttaen

nae baldeung wie ollawayo babe

hangsang jigeumcheoreom heori gamssan

ttaseuhan nae son an ttelge

All about you babe

chingu sai ijen deo mot hae

sarangui binbu chai

gwaenchanha woren beopis

wanjeon gibu cheonsaya

But only you

nae simjangui banghyangeun motae

haengbokhan il isseumyeon

jeil meonjeo saenggaknaneun saram

jeil joheun geon da neohanteman jul geoya

georeo songarak

deo gakkai wa ana julge warak

na eotteokhajyo na eotteokhajyo

jogeumssik nae mami

neoegero gago isseo

eotteokhajyo ijen

neo anin sarameun nae nunen an boyeo

teong bin gaseumeun ontong neoro gadeuk chago

chagaun simjangeun

nun nokdeut heulleonaerigo

naega wae ireoneun geolkka

jakku niga saenggakna eotteokhae

na wae ireojyo na wae ireojyo

ajikdo nae mameun

neoegeman ttwigo isseo

isanghajyo ijen

neo anin sarameun nae nunen an boyeo 

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White Love Story

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Here I Am

geuttaen mollasseotdeon geoya bujireomneun irilgeora tto apajilkkabwa tto ulge doelkkabwa naeaneman sarasseo sumsoriga nal kkaeugo neoui hyangi...


Tteonaryeogo geuraennayo geudae chagaweojin geu nalboteo gamhi geudael beoril su itttago mitkko shiptteon geon gyeondil suga eopsseoseo manheun bameul...