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As Long As I Can piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Days Gone By

The grey winter arrived To show the white again The misty hills Enchanted waterfalls The leads to glacial lake The summit shines The wild fears Windy waves sings Reflefctions of cold lights 

Just Before the Storm

If there's any beauty at all It's time to set it free I can't release the pain within The burnt leaves Will show the path To the rays of light The quiet mountains dies Nature screams for life The birds sings a sad now I release the pain out...

Nothing to Explain, Everything to Feel

In the silence my soul will fly Until my wings are no longer with me I tried to keep my eyes on you But now I can't even breathe 

Overcoming the Existence

Take me out of my control guide me into the pain my sacrife is to live I can't remmeber what's happiness I'm dead inside And inside I seek a way to survive I have nowhere to go I'm asceding This isn't how I want to leave I can't stand anymo...

The Meadow Splender

take me to a walk in the woods I need to get home before the nightfall the meadow dew is delightful it's the closer I have to feel alive It's written stars For a long time This would arise And blind eyes I'm not afraid I never been afraid t...