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As Lions and Lambs piosenki

Utwory wykonawcy:

Inner War

I am at war with myself, things never seem to change Every time I win this fight, I wake to find myself in chains Over and over and over again Over and over still I cannot win This war has dragged on for so many years That I will not overcome is my bigges...

Self Righteous

You, you break my heart Your self-righteous spirit tears my church apart My tears run freely as rivers of pain Mourning those killed for my name You spit in my face Yet my blood runs freely with grace Yet you reject my gift And choose to persecute thos...


I hear them coming to drag me away I hear them coming but I won't run away I'll stand trial for my King For He has already bought my victory Do what you will The best is yet to come for me I stand for my God And His son at the right of His throne Th...