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For the freedom she was adoring She always mourned until the morning Behind a beast she was hidden solely But the shameful nights are over When no one could ever save her ’Cause now the time has come To release her What if she is one of us Falling s...

Crush Honey

Two Stars we are Shining brightly on the Crimson Sky The scarlet letters on our breasts Are burning fast I start to scream But I don't want to leave Don't look at me With those eyes cause I can't Hide it any longer Drunk sweetly in our dreams But...


Hekate Hekate Furious and wild You’ re the infinite night You’re the blessing light Queen of the heavens And riddles of life Stretch your wings across the skies The skies Your skies And you will rise You’ll rise Mother of fate Anassa of realms Awakening forc...


Eliana, Eliana I can hear your call Constellations, astral hall Eliana Light stars! Light stars! 

Obsidian Tears

It’s time to return It’s time to return Open up your eyes for me With pearl eyes and iron hands I’ll be here at your command You’ll be mine and I’ll be yours Until the end of our mettled wars I’m so close to see Your unknown mistery And I’m burning...


Suddenly I deflate Maturity; Breath after Death Soon I'll be outside Hunting roots Eating old minds I'll paint the Skies and black the Sun -- What I used to know is back to glow...-- I'll do So here's the answer: StRaWbErRiEs into red Water R...

Promise (Akira Yamaoka /Silent Hill cover)

Can you still see me? Cause in your hollow world I'm fading away Flames can purify The sins of you and I I'm drowning in tears In a dream I've been waiting Alluring siren sound In the wicked grew unbound In your dreams I'll be screaming Cruel thoug...