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Animus Stench

Utwory wykonawcy:

I, Despair

I Despair I Despair No Hope Nothing left but pain Waiting to Perish An everyday thing that I pray No savior we are all left here to rot Earths pollution we are all soon to be dead I dispair 


Mind Decay, the ones who think a separate way Severely Mocked, and then questioned for their faults Rejected, judged from the gossip Neglected, treated like an animal Created, and then destroyed by its creators and then one day, revenge will take pl...

Mangled, Bled, and Burned

No more words to say Wont live another day Breaking every single bone More more life to show Minds purely full of hate Killing, what they create Shattered minds, shattered world They shatter what they once call home Falling to the underworld...

Ripped into Space (Era of Suicide)

Twisted Labyrinth of mass decay Deep within the walls of the mind they lay From then, masked horrors awake Sickening, self wish to die Blood turning cold Animus Feelings bold Sacrifice of self It is now time to kill' Nothing left for me Des...

The Calm in Torment

A horrible thought process full of demise A thought that the sick wont go up to the sky Feeding the demons that feast in my head Your torment to me is all that I dread Returning to you after all that you've done Pain to my thoughts that you somehow...