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Animus Mortis

Utwory wykonawcy:

Among the Phlegm of God

Acid palaces of hoar Of holy, Sacred ruins Tie in a present moment Of drowned spaces Spill human hatred ...Black cascades Blackest residues Of sentenced illusions There are no edges for every step to walk It seems like a thread Cling to the death...

Hosannas from the Depths

Everything that ties me To achieve that natural perfection I hear it rebound Upon the total darkness Sepulchral silence Hybrid of chaos and fractals The blackest bile is waiting On the ashes of the faith Laments reply in winds of perdition Until that...

My Ashes Inside

I've felt your voice Drilling through my temple Crossing my body, Destroying my senses All that you left inside Whispers of Silhouettes Sticking in my eternity That deafening noise will stay For centuries In shatters... The silence is a grave that...

Splendour Ruins

Utopia...Over the face of the earth This ambivalent disgrace Devastates any essence Our stigma of existence Mixed among disturbed sanity Lord... Involve my hatred Turn it part of you Turn it into my path Through inhuman restrictions In exile of to...