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Wrapped and tide to a doubt

And inner in the flesh

Darkened depressions succumbing again

Waiting the hour

The strings snaps inside

Left for a second to take my own life

All the strings are

Just my torments

A sort of combinations

Of fear and despair

The symptom:

That searches its way

It only breaks and it takes the last moments

Of narrowed faiths

This last fear

Reaching all inside of me

Presents …

A distant voice

That has become my only hope

You think it’s gone

But its here for you

You just have to believe

For once

This time of settings

And last intents

This pain inside of me

Will take me no place

I’ll try once more

Before I’m gone

And see the rain

Washing all

Believe the eyes

That you once saw

Believe the eyes

Those haven’t gone

´Cause it’s worth and

It’s the hope you ´re waiting

The proposition I’m giving you

I will not have it one more time

So I’ll open my eyes and hope that you’re there 

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