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Anika Paris Sleepless Nights tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

Tekst piosenki

Oh another sleepless night
Another moment counting sheep
If only you were by my side
Maybe I could fall asleep

Can you see me smiling as I'm thinking of you
If I walked into your dream where would we run to
Maybe Paris in the middle of the fall

Oh another sleepless night
Beneath the vast and endless sky
I left the window open
And the breeze is softly blowing
Like a lullaby

Can you hear me as I'm calling out your name
If I walked into your dream what would you say
Come and dance with me
In this masquerade

Soul to soul and heart to heart
We're separated through the night
No matter how far we're apart
Our love is reaching across the sky

Can you hear my thoughts and their unbeckoned call
If I walked into your dream would we both fall
Ooh in love again anywhere at all
Another sleepless night
I'm longing for when I am next to you 

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