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...and They Will Meet God piosenki

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From the Ash

When your born to follow certian death will find you Worship because your told to, where's the proof to hold to Breath in feel the freedom, exhale to ask the question: Where's this life taking us? From the ash we will rewrite the way we live, rewrite t...


Withstanding pain filters everything.It makes me feel depraved sickening. To soak the limits that our lives have bleed...lives...have bleed. Most times I feed off my inside fiend. theres no truth in this life anyway...theres...no truth. Things i feel, st...

Human Error

Cant break the constant violence or force the seamless dark and sound. Only find a growing tourment when mistakes follow lies. Human error, scoff and sour-breeding a dismal choice and teaching vicious games: Disgust, angwish, painful life, my greed takes n...

Mandrill Aggression

Can you hate? Forms of reason never under control.The feeling hollows and quickly the tears form rage Rest in deadly places within myself-rest in deadly places within myself (No peace) Theres a strenght in lies (No peace) The way it feels perfect void...