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Alexandra Slate piosenki

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Bad Girl

So I picked one up the other day Does that mean I'm a bad girl? And if I take off all my clothes? Well that makes me a bad girl What if life itself goes to shit? Now that I've been pushed around Well tell me something I don't know 'cause I've held off way to...

Clumsy On The Wall

Played your records on my TV set Wrote me letters on the phone But I drank a thousand miles of highway Just to have you fly me home And I don't mind being this way So I stay clumsy on the wall I thought a million words I could say But I knew you'd heard them...


So we try to feel at ease With my hands tied down And you won't release And I'm feeling so guilty of this Maybe we could find Someone else to do this Maybe we could force them all To get us through this If it's not you, it's me And I don't want to be Take th...