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An Ogre Discovered

Sighted Drones Surround the Ogre's frame Not knowing whence he came Their sickly legacy is not theirs to blame Phallic Fallacy Prophecy Harkens forth these lowly creatures from the mud depths From the mud depths They carry the beast to a l...

Bovine Blues

When bored He mated with a gourd These lands are penetrable Stumbling upon a crowded herd Of bovine All female Genitalia swollen with disease I guess they know how to fuck The ogre danced a lively jig before the beasts Intoxicating,...

Circular Shards

Warm and comfortable obscurity Drowsy dusk moments Stabbed here and there With patches of silvery light Circular Discs Melt in the mist In the mind Malnutrition Of the LD faculty Is a serious thing Let us prescribe you 

Frantic Flight (from Doostin's Lair)

A pitched battle throughout the night Gargantuan Doostin one-eyed might Grappling with rebellious whores Lured to lust and shame by fair Le'Chane Doostin arrived to his island Cave to discover a melodic ogre Pleasuring his bovine babes Comple...

The Sighted Mohel's Prophecy

This powerful ogre is just what the Swamp needs The glowing foreskin from dreams Can he set them free? Defeat the Watcher Crush Smokey Release their blind kin The ancient feud may end Release their blind kin The ancient feud may end...