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In the youth club or in the school
It may be hip but it ain't cool
On the floors where they like you best
Let's get this thing laid down to rest

I know they've stripped you of your pride
The desperation you feel inside
I ain't preaching, you know i'm right
Hold on to life, stand up and fight

Throw away that suicide bag
Get up and look straight ahead
Throw away that suicide bag
I don't wanna see you dead

The system gives you a bad deal
Convince yourself, up on your feet
You're nobody's fool so don't be beat

I'm only trying to offer hope
You don't need glue to help you cope
The novelty is wearing thin
Come with us there's a world to win

Throw away that suicide bag
Get up and look straight ahead
Throw away that suicide bag
I don't wanna see you dead 

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