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A Shine

Utwory wykonawcy:

A Drewling Baby

A Drewling Baby I cut myself today I really don't know how It wouldn't hurt that much If I knew just how I'm really calm this morning But it still hurts a lot Picked it in my mind I never saw this other way Little drewling baby Is having a tooth His hair is gr...

The Vibes

in [...] of mind Who wave at [...] How could I ever let it come Ever let it come to this Never hold onto a [...] Swimming on in life Guess it's like I've been told Everything goes round How deep that I know When the right wind to go But I'm not so sure anymore...


friction, be often the wastebasket A little while, according to the picture But now this place's dead, I can't say that I'm sad, oh no Guess I found a new way, to stay head over heels, all the time Don't ask you to [...] As a drug can be Without lying Withou...