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A Misery Memoir

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Clairvoyant Memories

Please give me your hands. These circles were never meant to break. Dire unseen shackles, you'll never stray from them. Scenes so dreadful, even the blind could see. Bleached visions were all but far and gone. Anguished stained, lapsed, deranged W...

Illusions of Vacant Minds

What will kill us? Collected Feebled Minds Pacified by others tries Is the end in sight? These Masses, bled from objection Begging for stagnation Falsify our creations, Bounded to annihilation Yet I won't pray for rest Not to the sound of d...


These collected pieces start to make sense When senses align and feelings calibrate My intuitive shields now dissolved I can emerge into connected worlds The eyes are now open But the brain is now numbing Tucked away behind your intelligent mind...

The Last Time I Die

Another year, another years gone by And yet it still, kills me inside Now the pain is too much for me, slashing at my neck I feel those icy drops, running down my back Now I, Now I've gone on alone It's all the same, just the same as before Circle...