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A Home. A Heart. Whatever

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Bugs & Bees

You say, you say you were nothing But nothing will go wrong It may, it may be a point of View to come along Say what you say what you believe is one thing Another is this song You'd stay, you'd stay the way you are Instead of being anyone Dear little bugs...


What once felt near in a former sentimental year Slowly disappeared, but the more we try the more it's getting real Words once felt near, by the way, I won't get hurt in here My truth concealed but the more I try the more it's getting real Somewhere there by...

Inspiration Medication

Expectations overrated Inspiration is medication Conversations unrelated Destination isolation You know it is time for us Not to be fooled anymore Yes I know, you know Intermission, indiscretion Competition, no decision Exhibition 'malnutrition' Whatever is...

Your Love

It's all been sung about blue times Follow the signs to a place where you belong Maybe sometimes there's a face makes you feel at home Love is grey This kiss will fade A miss is a loss is a hole in a heart Cease your day With a kiss that will fade With a kiss...