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Eyes prised open; mind sewn shut
Memories broken; thoughts undone
Vital senses; nerves unfeeling
Once born human now much more

This fetid strain of experimentation
Creating a soulless abomination
Extremities flayed for science
Dissecting human anatomy
The charge to cross the synapse
Should never have become
A chemical imbalance
To redefine the species

Cross the threshold of anomalies
To explore the unknown reaches
Of the human design
This creature should never dwell
Upon god's earth
Cease this scientific misadventure
Break down thoughts to free failed intentions
This demon from a lost dimension
Transcends our understanding of existence

What is this mockery of our dying breed?
An abstract portrayal of genetics reformed
What is this being that deforms our nature?
And festers in the pits of darkness
Does this represent what we are to become?

This anathematic nightmare
That foreshadows our future
Is but a masterpiece in the creators eyes
The ancestral perversion
Must be severed at the source

Eyes prised open; mind sewn shut
Memories broken; thoughts undone
Vital senses; nerves unfeeling
Once born human now much more

It feels as we feel; sees as we see
It's last thought living
A veiled mirage of peace and hope
The afterlife betraying nought
To a sorrowed sickened monsters eyes 

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