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Our father's not in heaven, he lies beneath our feet
World serpent coiled in darkness, entombed in torpored sleep
Ancestors swore to serve you, primeval deity
A pact long forged in bloodshed, now come the hour of need

Kill, thy will be done
Strike, let the blood run
Hail, the stormbringer comes
Behold the stormbringer
Kill, thy will be done
Strike, in hell as on earth
Kneel, the great dragon comes
Hail the stormbringer

Our fathers aren't in heaven, they rot beneath our feet
Each one killed by his own son, condemned eternally
We've paid the price in our blood, gave up our right to be free
Soul stealer, life taker
Deliver vengeance to me!

Kill, thy will be done
Strike, let the blood run
Hail, the stormbringer comes
Behold the stormbringer
Kill, thy will be done
Strike, in hell as on earth
Kneel, the great dragon comes
Hail the stormbringer

Let the blood run
Let the blood run
Let the blood run
Still the blood runs
Feel the blood run

Our mother, womb of chaos
Bring forth your vile seed
Inchoate spawn are legion
Summoned to hateful deeds
Ancestors bound and chained you
Imposed severity
A chain long forged in bloodshed
Unbound chaos be free!

Kill, thy will be done
Strike, let the blood run
Hail, the stormbringer comes
Behold, the stormbringer
Kill, thy will be done
Strike, in hell as on earth
Kneel, the great dragon comes
Hail the stormbringer

Your new father is not in heaven
Your new father lies beneath your feet
Your new father, coiled in darkness
Your new father embraces you in torment 

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