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The time, Rocking the rope chain, was the preferable style, Rock and the cocaine was the preferable way of earning enough money to buy one

So young brown folks would supply young brown folks with the dope to get high knowing they be back for another dose if they try one

'Till they can't get enough of it

It all came from the government (sorry)

Got sidetracked tryna describe the context where life was first live at. '87 was the year, but 29th street was the block where I lived the first five at

Then after that it got weird

Pops moved out, I would stay at his house all the time back then

One room shack above the store

Fast forward to the cocaine sack under the floor at mama's crib, when I turned 20, Though it earned money, didn't wanna do dirt where mama lived. So I moved out, Got my own whip, then I cruised out

Talk shit, Get a bruised mouth; Was the attitude back in the day, then it changed to peace, love and happiness pays, anyways

Let me touch back on the crack thing

We had been crack fiends back when we was Twenty years old, and nobody never had told us all the things we did not know, did not know (a damn thing) Now he headed down the wrong road, society hide under that fold, 'cuz all the things we still don't know, we don't know (A damn thing) (We don't know)

GMO's love hormones, skull and bones

Didn't anybody teach you about the money wars?

Money globes, and could tap your phones. Didn't anybody tell you about them?

Oh, that's why I kinda see myself when I see a homeless man begging for a piece of wealth, 'cuz everybody needs help with all these rich motherfuckers, wanna act like it's a black thing

That was their original plan, to buy a slave and deal them an unforgivable hand

Free that slave, but don't even give him minimal land, and when he homeless treat like he's the invisible man

Even though our differences are so minimal and we all came from the very same seminal sand, it created the first woman and original man,

We still treat each other like the worst criminals, Damn

Anyways back to my story. Naw, fuck that. Ignore me

The story I was telling ya'll earlier along, had so many gaps in it, if I told it all it would be so fucking long with so many raps in it, you'd get tired of it

So I'mma hurry up this song


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