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[Part I]


This is not a dream?

What's happening to us?

Taylor 'bout to fucking flex

[Hook: 916frosty]

Cross on neck for the ones I hate

Friday's here, got the drugs in my veins

Pop two xans, now she want a good face

I got bands that I wanna go waste

Friday's here so don't be shy

Take me high up in the sky

Friday's here so let's be friends

Pop that seal the night won't end

[Verse 1: 916frosty]

Looked into her eyes, and turned to stone

She don't leave the club, 'cause she got no home

Bunch of random the numbers, always on her phone

Wonder what she's like when she all alone

Black dress with the heels, and her makeup on

Got the world in her hand, she can't do no wrong

Had to get another bottle just to get along

Got her singing every word when I play my song

Don't like her when she too cold

She just came for a drink and smoke

Don't like her, I like her though

Don't like her, don't want no more

Testing for disaster

There's no happy ever after

Through the jokes and all the laughter

Stab my back and turn the dagger

I got too much shit in my head, don't know where it went wrong

When the night's about to end she wanna throw up on my lawn

She said she don't wanna be here I told her to stay strong

I can't find the way she see it so I put it in a song

Small town kid, I'm a Hollywood boy

Tryna find himself, tryna find his voice

Never 'till now did he know here to go

Never 'till now did he wanna be alone

Rest in peace to my main boy Walkie

Do the dash in the whip, Ricky Bobby

Pop a perc now I'm feeling like a zombie

Drop a deuce in my sprite, call her Walkie (yeah,skrt)

Father told me that I'll never go far (go far)

Didn't listen, I was geeking off a bar (a bar)

That's the time, we was looking at the stars (stars)

That's the time 'cause I only just turned 16 and I didn't know what love was

Yeah, aye didn't know what lust was

Whoa, R.I.P to a loved one

Aye, R.I.P to a loved one

Going hard, on the seat, finna take in

I can tell the whole time she was fakin'

Baby I just wanna know what your name is

Found her with my best friend, they were naked

[Hook: 916frosty]

Cross on neck for the ones I hate

Friday's here, got the drugs in my veins

Pop two xans, now she want a good face

I got bands that I wanna go waste

Friday's here so don't be shy

Take me high up in the sky

Friday's here so let's be friend

Pop that 'til the night, won't end

[Part 2]


Imagine yourself

You just went to sleep

It was a hard day

You take a deep breath and close your eyes

And the nightmare begins

[Verse 2: 916frosty]

Last night, I think I made love with the devil

She turn my tears into diamonds on my bezel

After we finished, my heart felt like it'd been severed

I don't want to let this go, no not ever

Last night, was a fast night

Don't know what just happened last night, but it felt right

I don't what happened last night, last night

Don't want this to be my last night, last night

Don't know where I'm at, don't know where I've been

Baby please stay by my side, please don't let me sin

Open all the doors, keep on pouring fours yeah, aye

Yeah, all I want is more

Going to these places that I've never been before

Going buy designer, I might go and buy the store

Never will I drop a dime on top of fucking whore

Driving from my problems, skrt off in Aventador

This is my world I can do it how I want

I can write my own story, paint it with my own thoughts

I can see who I want, I can be who I am

I've been running downtown, with a bitch in my hands

Where you at? like what's up, haven't seen you in a month

Are you good?, are you great?, I've been tryna speculate

What's the deal? how you feel? how you lost all your appeal

What happend to our perfect duo Kobe and Shaquille 

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