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8m/s Running Out the Black July tekst piosenki i tłumaczenie. Posłuchaj MP3 i obejrzyj teledysk z Youtube oraz sprawdź chwyty.

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These eyes have been searching for a reason

To carry on with a broken heart

These feet these feet have been running in circle

Where my mind is giving in

Through the years I learned to be strong

Through the years I walked the path was fuckin' long

But for second you destroy everything

Just for second you made me so weak

Chained in your shell you wasted all away

Angry, full of hate I wait the judgment day

Here deep in me the pain is taking shape

Here deep in me the rage is taking shape

You made this haven disappear

You forced the stars to suicide

Now the hope is turned to fear

My heart is not beating inside

How much times I wanted tomorrow to be yesterday

Or a little pray today to be a better day

The life throws us all like the wind throws the leaf

No one stays forever people always leave

You made this haven disappear

You forced the stars to suicide

Now the hope is turned to fear

My heart is not beating inside

No one can give me back the wasted years

No one can heal the pain and dry my tears

But everything I ever wanted now is in my hands

'Cause I was strong enough to stand up and turn the page


Don't talk just shut up bitch

See the love that you'll never reach

You know what's the price you'll pay

Just go away

Stay away from me

You fuckin' bitch

I looked up in the new life

And the new life burned my eyes

Tearing apart my heart

Forced my dreams to suicide

I don't need your new life

I don't need your reasons to live

I don't need your way to feel alive

It's so much more than I can give

I rip my eyes now I can see it all

And I cut my heart out there's nothing else to spall

I've lost all to find something better, better than you

And everything I've ever wanted now is in my hands

So stay away from me 

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