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8Ball and Devius piosenki

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Er'Body Kno' Me

[Intro] Oh yeah~! You know what time it is BITCH It's Ted DiBiase, 8 Ways Entertainment, M-Gang G.C. We gettin to the money my nigga You KNOWWWWW! [Chorus 2X: Devius] Er'body kno' me (yup) if you don't it don't matter (NOOOO) Pull up to the club (club) trunk...

Ice Cream

The ice cream man is co-miiiiiiiiiiing~! [Intro: 8Ball] Watch these rap niggaz get all up in yo' guts French vanilla, butter pecan, chocolate deluxe Even caramel sundaes is gettin touched Scooped in my ice cream truck, you know whassup [Devius] 8:30 Monday m...

M-Gang Da Shit (Kno' Dat)

[8Ball] Eightball rollin, grind fo' the shine A penny to a nickle, a nickle to a dime A pen to the paper, then I got a rhyme Get the mic bump it off, spill out my mind Take a bite and swallow, my chain ain't hollow You square like Lamont and I'm more like Roll...

Street Dreams

[8Ball] Let the church say amen I say uhh, let the church say amen (Can I get a moment of yo' time?) Yeah, e'rybody got a dream How you wanna live, who you wanna be Big, house, hot, cars Rap, version, rock, stars Give, back, love where you come from Soon as y...