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Black White Rose

Black White Rose- (4:46) Today stand here with my very good friend I am summer and winter Everybody ask me why i am very stupid i said everybody i' have got Black White Rose The rose is the all Black White Rose The rose tell you, what you now...(2...

This Love

89'Concerts- This Love (5:00) This is love you don't destroyed this love this love is only one neverending feel girl& boy They are walking in a park They are eat breakfast and cry only together... They are rolling in the deep They are feel eve...

Tomorrow Is Party

89'Concerts- Tommorow Is Party (3:38) I waiting for tomorrow my body can dance i can tell world i'm the best future can take me into her hands makes me feel i'm good i like a DJ who know who dance who know who don't like love i am the best of a par...

What The F***(Mama Said)

89'Concerts- (4:03 ) Mama said me baby, what the fuck baby, what the fuck who you love fuck? Today i must cry because my sister's died but life going on and i don't stop life and i don't stop world i don't back to this time and when today i see t...