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Can't Be Born Again

Do we expect to have our hands clean? What do we learn from all the wars that we create? Not sure we wanted what we've got in here it's all a fake. And what do we so want to change? In vain, in vain, in vain. We gotta look at ourselves. Can we see our brother...

Crawling Away

(Murmuring) Help me Eyes are shut (can't fucking see) I'm here again (the same place). Shot by shot (drowning in it) it's like a hurricane (fucking hurricane). No one's around and do I need here anyone? (fuck no). I'll go down (down) before my life is done....


My flesh is sore of my disguise and my whole life is drowing deeper. I know than I won't recognize myself until I meet the Reaper. 


My hands are cold I feel so alone in these decorations so false. It's you again no I'm so paranoid. Their blacked out eyes are everywhere in my home which is a long gone temple. I gotta make you go away somehow. I can't break out (x2) I know I can break out. I...

Heart of Stone

1-2-3-4... Who are you? What's this shine? Let me get to you, don't pass me by. I knew it... No, it won't happen again I swore but Since you were gone I've felt so alone. You had a heart of stone. It said I ain't belong, I ain't belong. Could I still be cl...

Lucked Out, Out of Luck

Aaaah There's knock on the back door and here it comes again (again) With the wounds too sore to stop the suffering. My mind's border is disordered I swear I'll make it on my own or trade it to the aid. My head keeps telling me it's wrong. Blade the poisone...

More of Me

Eeeeeh-yeah-yeah come on! Oooh so many letters are unsent and forgotten or never received. The taste of tape is in my mouth, so long I couldn't speak. With pain now it I'm tearing away, it hurts to finally say. With pain I'm ripping it away, I'll rip it the...